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[oneshot][ficlet] Just Like Normal People

Title: Just Like Normal People
Fandom: D.Gray-Man
Characters/Pairings: Allen, Lavi
Genre: Humor/Gen
Word count: 680
Notes: A repost from over at springkink. For the prompt: "D.Gray-man, Lavi/Allen: seduction - Lavi likes reading. Allen likes being distracting when he's reading." I blame the boys for the complete lack of porn.

Despite all the prophecies and the incredible shape-changing Innocence, Allen Walker was, in fact, a somewhat normal human being. People had difficulty with this concept, he knew. However, their disbelief did not make the fact any less true. And, like any other human being -- Kanda being the possible exception, though Allen tended to doubt the Japanese youth's status as "human" -- sometimes Allen Walker wanted attention.

In particular, Allen liked attention from people who liked him.

Lenalee and Krory had gone into town for groceries; Bookman had opted to join them, leaving his apprentice to observe the so-called "Destroyer of Time" sitting in a hotel suite with nothing to do. Lavi had decided to solve this problem by reading the newspaper. For a while, Allen had left him alone. But the encounter with Rhode Kamelot and his eye injury and Eliade's passing still weighed on his thoughts and eventually, the silence had gotten the better of the Order's youngest Exorcist.



"What're you reading about?"


Allen had tried to have a civil conversation with the redhead. And, to be honest, Allen could have very well been interested in the world events that littered each overlarge page. But at the moment, he was only interested because it would have been something to talk about.

He came to this conclusion while leaning over Lavi's shoulder, trying to skim the letters. Unfortunately, the newspaper was in Russian, and Allen hadn't the first clue about how to read Cyrillic. "Lavi?"

"... hm?"

Lavi didn't seem to mind that Allen was practically leaning on him. "What's the first article about?"

"The Czar."

"... the what?"

"The Russian Emperor."

"Oh." Allen wondered which jumble of characters on the page meant "zar". "What did he do?" When he didn't receive an answer, he leaned a little more heavily on the redhead. "Lavi?"

"Allen, I'm working."

Later, Allen would wonder if he should have backed off. But, at that moment, the only thing he could think of was that he'd seen Lavi blow off "work" several times in the journey already, and they were only in Russia. So, Allen found the newfound diligence suspect. He wondered if the redhead was avoiding him. He had been acting a little off ever since Romania.

Since Allen had projected the soul inside Eliade for everyone else to see.

Allen stayed quiet for a moment, not moving away, trying to read Lavi's body language. He had chosen the wrong shoulder; he could only see Lavi's eye patch, and the movement of his lips as he read and memorized. Maybe he should let the other boy work.

Except... no one else was around. He might not get another chance to get Lavi to talk to him.

Allen blew lightly on Lavi's ear. The redhead made a strangled sound and turned in his chair, covering his ear protectively. "Allen, what the hell?!"

The younger Exorcist smiled a little. "Well, that got your attention."

Lavi stared at him. "No shit. What's up with you all of a sudden?"

Fighting down his uncertainty, Allen tried to muster the confidence he had when he played cards with anyone stupid enough to underestimate him. He tilted his head to the side and raised an eyebrow. "I felt like it."

"You... felt like it." The redhead echoed slowly. "I think Kro messed you up more than we thought when he tossed you through that wall."

Allen stuck his tongue out at him. "My head's just fine, thank you very much."

"Sure it is." Lavi flicked the center of his forehead. Hard.

Hissing and covering his forehead, Allen reached out and pinched Lavi's hand even harder.

Lavi poked him.

Allen kicked Lavi's chair out from under him.

When Lenalee, Krory and Bookman returned from shopping, they walked into a suite turned completely upside down. In the center of the mess, Allen was wincing as Lavi applied a bandage to a cut on his cheek. The redhead was sporting an impressive black eye.

"What happened here?!"

"Nothing," they said in unison.

Things went back to normal, after that.
Tags: fandom: d.gray-man, ficlet, oneshot, springkink

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