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[oneshot][drabble] Chameleon

Title: Chameleon
Fandom: D.Gray-Man
Characters/Pairings: Lavi
Genre: Introspective
Word count: 100
Notes: For grayhour. Prompt at the end of the drabble. :D

He's the type that would call you "cutie". Or "sweetheart". Or some little nickname that would be ridiculous except coming from him. He has a big smile that you know he gives everyone, but you still sort of think it makes you special.

He keeps odd hours, but haunts the same places.

He wears flashy clothes; colors that clash or stick out like a sore thumb. Designed to attract attention. Make you look twice.

He is whatever you want him to be.

He's the type who's worth every minute you spend with him, but he forgets you after he's gone.

The prompt was "Lavi, streetwalker". :3
Tags: drabble, fandom: d.gray-man, gift-fic, oneshot

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