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[oneshot] Collateral

Fandom: D.Gray-Man
Characters/Pairings: Tyki/Lavi(/Allen), mentions of others
Genre: Dark/Smut
Word count: 1,024
Notes: For the prompt "D.Gray-man, Tykki/Lavi: Taunting/teasing with references to Allen - bend; don't break" over at springkink. Dubcon. Set during the Edo arc.

His hammer is somewhere out of reach, buried under a piled of splintered boards and clay roof tiles -- just like him until a minute ago. Groggy, reeling from the fall, too far from Miranda's Innocence to not feel like he's going to throw up. Not that there's anything in his stomach to throw up -- blood, perhaps; if he starts puking blood then maybe it's time to start worrying--

One hand fisted in his hair, another clamped tightly around his left wrist, pinning it behind his back. He's left with only his bad arm and he tries to swing it, but the arc's too slow to do any damage. Black hair and greyish skin swim in front of his eye. White flash of a smile. Another flash of rage makes his second swing slightly more effective.

Or would have been, if his fist didn't pass right through the bastard's torso. He tries to turn his head to one side and can't for the fist in his hair; but his stomach still lurches and he still retches and tastes blood in his mouth.

Sorry Sachiko-Chomesuke-Funny Little Akuma Person. You were right about this battle being pitched.

"No more threats, Eyepatch?"

Lavi's eye narrows, the world coming more into focus. Learning everything there is to know matters very little when one hasn't the sense to apply the knowledge, and that's a lesson "Lavi" has always learned somewhat poorly. He takes another swing, grunting as pain shoots up his arm from fingertips to shoulder and up into his head. The Noah lets him connect, if only to impress upon him just how feeble the attempt was. He needs his hammer back, and badly.

"So much for that arm of yours, hm?"

He spits the blood-taste out of his mouth. "Shut up," he hisses and wonders if his teeth are red. "I said I'd kill you and I will."

A puff of breath, near his ear; a leg pressing between his. "He's still alive."

Lavi stills and hates himself for it. A lie. Has to be a lie. "Fuck you."

The Noah laughs and for a brief, delirious moment, Lavi imagines he can feel the sound passing through him, as well. "Fine, don't believe me," he murmurs, and the hand in his hair lets go. A sharp throb of pain runs along his scalp as his head pitches forward, aiming for the Noah's forehead -- the Panda's always scolding him his head makes a better weapon than a tool. Except the man leans back, out of reach. The movement puts Lavi off balance, fresh vertigo making his stomach threaten more of the same and the mere thought of more coppery-scented breath only increases the threat. He clamps his teeth shut and waits for the reeling to stop.

He hears a "tsk, tsk" sound by his ear. "Seems you hit your head, Eyepatch." A wet touch to his earlobe; Lavi growls and jerks his head away, instantly sorry but the hell if he'll put up with that shit. "How unfortunate your little friends are nowhere to be found."

"What... friends...?"

"Oh-ho, then all you have is Allen Walker?" the Noah asks, an apt mimic of disbelief dripping off every word. "What a shame, that you had to think you'd lost him, all this time."

"Sssshut u,u--!" Lavi chokes on his breath and jerks as the Noah's free hand passes through the front of his slacks and underwear and settles flat on bare skin. A loud string of curse words hurl out as he focuses solely on not panicking. Another violent jerk of his left arm against an iron grip. "Son of a bitch! I'm going to fucking kill you--!"

"He's still alive."

Lavi stills again, mind racing inside a body hijacked by its heart. "Bullshit."

The Noah's hand slides down along his skin, fingertips dipping just below the first layer or two. Lavi shudders and retches again; the Noah doesn't seem to mind blood on his shirt. "Wouldn't you want to live, too?" For skin colored so like a corpse's, the touch around his cock is disturbingly warm.

"Allen's dead," he rasps, shuddering and clenching his right hand into a fist as the Noah's hand continues to fondle him.

"Are you so sure?" The Noah licks blood off the corner of his mouth and laughs when Lavi tries to bite him. "Cell Rolon is quite convinced otherwise. The wailing gets terribly annoying."

"He's dea--ngh." Lavi clenches his teeth harder as the sound slips out; the Noah's eyes widen in tandem with a terrifying grin. The adrenaline is only serving to further his cock hardening under the Noah's hand, which starts stroking with a painfully tight grip. Lavi feels his eye threaten to roll back in his head and squeezes it shut.

The Noah presses his cheek against Lavi's temple and Lavi can almost feel that smile. "He's not, Eyepatch," he purrs. "The Earl is furious about it. You never know, your little fire snake might have stopped him from killing me for leaving Allen Walker alive." The Noah pumps him faster.

He's dead to us. That's what he told Lenalee. Technically living doesn't matter; he's not an Exorcist anymore. They'll never see him again. Lavi's hips jerk forward as he strangles a gasp in his throat.

"I've sent for him."

Lavi moans under his breath, the ache in his chest more powerful than the need to control the tightening in his gut. He feels the Noah shudder against him. The man's breath is hot on his ear. "Don't you want to live, little Exorcist?"


A sharp feeling of teeth on his neck sends the scale tipping, the orgasm rushing over his skin in a nauseating wave. The Noah lets him crumple to the ground, coughing and shivering. The hand that fists in his hair smells like sex and Lavi's stomach sends up a larger amount of blood and bile to pour out over the floor.

"But, Eyepatch, do you really think he'll want to see you, now?"
Tags: fandom: d.gray-man, oneshot, springkink

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