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[oneshot] The Upside of Awkward Questions

Title: The Upside of Awkward Questions
Fandom: D.Gray-man
Characters/Pairings: Allen/Lavi
Genre: Smutty Pseudo-Fluff!
Word count: 1,747
Notes: For emudii, who prompted me with the scenario and setting. Setting is more or less current manga timeline, though exact time is unspecified. ♥

More than one person in the Black Order noticed Central's predilection toward thwarting all of Komui's attempts to make the new Headquarters anything like the old one. An influx of new employees in the Science Department eliminated the billions of hours of overtime for Reever, Johnny and the rest. The new secretary, to keep Komui from having any time to make insane inventions.

Such efforts were more likely trying to reduce repair bills and down time (the Komuvitan D vitamin had keep all of them out of commission for a week before Bak had shown up). But the Exorcists considered them a godsend. The guards posted at the bath entrance made Central's only concession -- communal baths -- bearable. They no longer felt the need to fear something sinister or humiliating lurking in the steamy depths.

Lavi quite liked the baths as they were. They seemed to be the only place he could socialize without the Panda watching. The old man had given strict directions to keep his distance from his Innocence; from everyone, really. And he didn't like it. It sounded childish, but bathing time had become something he very much looked forward to.

He was in a particularly good mood that morning, because Allen had decided to join him. Sadly, the younger teen couldn't shake Two-Spot as easily as Lavi got away from Bookman, but at least Link didn't make Lavi want to second-guess his every smile. The blond huddled on a stool in a corner by the door, scribbling away in his notes.

"Hey, beansprout."

Allen's eyebrow twitched as he flicked a pebble at Lavi's head. "Allen."

"Heehee." Lavi dodged the stone and sidled closer to him. "Got a question."

He received a very suspicious look. "Oh?"

"Been wondering about it for a while now, actually." A green eye fixed intently on Allen's left arm. He knew the boy had issues with it, but Lavi didn't think it was really so bad. He rarely got to see it outside the baths, so the questions had begun to pile up. "You ever... y'know... with that hand?"

Two-Spot looked up instantly, squinting through the steam toward them. Allen's eyes narrowed. "Excuse me?"

Lavi battled his grin and lost. "You know..." he, said, voice a little lower but not conspicuously so. He pulled one of his hands out from under the water and made a quick pumping motion with a mostly closed fist. "Bet it'd feel different from your right."

Allen let out a strangled noise and shoved Lavi under the water. When the redhead surfaced, Allen had climbed out of the bath, face red. "Come on, Link."

Lavi spent most of the rest of the morning trying to ignore the feeling of having water up his nose. He'd largely forgotten the conversation by that evening -- he had needled Yuu about some hair being out of place and laughed his ass off when the Japanese Exorcist threatened to chase him all the way to Berlin. Bookman had sent him off to the library for some additional books to memorize and Lavi went, both grumbly and somewhat pleased to have some time alone.

He sat atop one of the ladders, four books stacked on top of the book case as he flipped through a fifth, when he caught the briefest flash of gold out of the corner of his eye. When he looked up fully, it had gone, but he wondered what Tim was doing wandering out by itself. Allen had mentioned something about it being constantly drawn to General Cross' old room when it wasn't being watched carefully.

A half hour or so later, he got his answer in the form of a pair of grey eyes looking up at him from the ground. Lavi blinked in surprise, looking up from his book. "Hey."

Allen didn't smile, but his expression was soft, almost considering. "Hey," he echoed. "Tim said you were in here."

"You were looking for me?"

Now the teen smiled, albeit sheepishly. "Link's asleep, but I didn't want to risk wandering the halls."

Lavi grinned down at him, book sitting forgotten in his lap. "You sneaked out to look for me?"

Allen stuck his tongue out at him. "Don't be so full of yourself."

The redhead set the book down by its peers and vaulted down from the ladder, crouching a bit as he landed. "What's up?"

The white-haired boy stepped back a little, one gloved hand tracing idle patterns on one of the tables. "I just... wanted to apologize for nearly drowning you this morning."

Lavi laughed. "I'd almost forgotten about that."

"I'm not sure why you use that particular lie," Allen said softly, still looking at the invisible patterns on the tabletop. "When you've said more than once you remember everything."

Unexpectedly caught out, Lavi found himself speechless. Allen had become less stiffly polite with people, lately, but Lavi had yet to bear the brunt of it. "I said 'almost'?" he replied, feeling as lame as he sounded. Allen's brow furrowed and a flicker of pain flitted across his face. Lavi coughed and leaned against the table. "Um. Hey. I just meant it wasn't that important, really."

Allen sighed and looked up at him, finally. "Why are you the only one?" he asked; it seemed he was talking more to himself than Lavi. "Is it because you were there?"


The other teen let his hand settle over Lavi's. Lavi raised a red eyebrow and glanced down at the glove covering his hand. When he looked back up, Allen was shaking his head. "You don't care." Though he had an inkling of the train of thought Allen had boarded, Lavi thought it wise to keep his mouth shut for the moment. But his expression shifted, looking over his comrade with a little more sympathy. Allen was not so blind to not see it, too. He met Lavi's eye for a moment, then glanced down quickly. "What you asked this morning... do you really want to know?"

Lavi stared. Then let out a slight, sputtering laugh even as his gut tightened at the mere suggestion. He was curious. Maddeningly so, when he cared to wonder about it. And Allen was Allen; pretty in a way that wasn't childish or particularly girly. And Lavi was a teenager.

But, still, he wasn't so dumb as to think Allen was serious. "C'mon, Allen, you don't have to--"

"Do you?" The expression on Allen's face stopped his protest cold. Lavi knew when he'd pushed Yuu too far, because the other Exorcist damn near exploded with rage and resorted to his hands and not his sword to threaten violence. But sometimes he failed to remember that Allen, too, could be just as volitile as Yuu. But because he left himself open for hurt, grief and disappointment.

And he knew a lot of people had disappointed Allen in the last few days. He turned the hand beneath Allen's over and curled his fingers a little, watching some of the tension in Allen's face bleed out. "Show me?"

Allen leaned forward on his toes and feathered a kiss on Lavi's mouth. His smile hinted something neither Bookman nor Link would approve of, but relief shone in his eyes. "With pleasure," he murmured.

Lavi pushed his headband back up on his forehead as he pressed his mouth hard to Allen's to stifle a groan. Allen drew his erection out with the glove still on his hand, tracing the veins with the firm seam on the tip of his thumb. The kid was a big, damn tease, and by the way he sucked playfully on Lavi's tongue, he was well aware. "Ngh, Allen," Lavi whined, mouthing the other's bottom lip. "Th, this isn't what I wanted to know..."

Allen pulled his head away, just a little; Lavi could still feel his breath on his lips. The redhead groaned softly, both cursing and grateful for his big mouth when slightly damp, musky-smelling cloth pressed against his lower lip. He took the tip of one finger in his teeth and held tightly as Allen pulled his hand out of the glove. He let it drop immediately off to the side, leaving his mouth free to mesh back with Allen's and sliding his free hand around the back of the other's head. He broke the kiss, however, as his head tipped back sharply when Allen's hand closed around his cock. "Shit, Allen," he gasped.

Lips drifted over his pulse, then up to close on his earlobe. The hand hadn't moved just yet, but that was fine; Lavi was still trying to find some other sensation to compare it to. Allen blew softly over his ear. "Tell me how it feels?"

Lavi laughed as he shuddered. "Having a hard time... finding the right words."

Allen began to move his hand, the touch hot and palm rough and maddeningly slow. "How about now?" He leaned forward a little, pushing Lavi back on the table enough to let the redhead lift his hips. Lavi obliged, happily, and rolled up into the touch.

"I..." the redhead licked his lips, then made a pleased sound as Allen's tongue followed his own. "I have no idea... ahh... s'good, though. Different."

The white-haired teen kissed him soundly, pulling away just when Lavi thought he was going to start breathing for them both. "It's like that for me, too." Lavi groaned and pressed his head to Allen's shoulder as the hand moved faster, guiding his hips and pushing him closer to the tipping point.

"Ahh, Allen... I'm gonna...--" Lavi choked on his breath as Allen replaced his hand with his mouth, tongue catching his release as he shuddered hard and threaded his fingers through Allen's hair. He sank backward onto the table, spent, limbs heavy. "Shit, Allen," he said again, almost wonderingly. He felt Allen pull his right hand back from atop his own and out of the corner of his eye, he watched the kid wipe his mouth on the back of his glove. A shiver tripped down his back, and he laughed. Fumbling a little, he fixed his pants and languidly pushed himself up. Having both hands at his disposal, he caught Allen's hips and pulled him in for a kiss. Allen stiffened slightly, then relaxed into it, draping his arms over Lavi's shoulders.

"You're something else," Lavi murmured against his mouth and Allen laughed. Lavi nipped at his bottom lip. "And you're also not going anywhere, just yet."
Tags: fandom: d.gray-man, gift-fic, oneshot, pair: lavi/allen

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